A Tetw reading list

Masters of the Universe Go to Camp by Philip Weiss - Head inside the Bohemian Grove to find out what the world’s most powerful men do at summer camp.

Undecided Voters by David Sedaris - An amazing, world-class rant about swing voters.

The Subversive by Michael Lewis - How John McCain set out to challenge the corrupting influence of private money on public life.

Magic Mountain by Nick Paumgarten - Find out what really goes down at Davos.

The Weasel, Twelve Monkeys and The Shrub by David Foster Wallace - DFW heads out on the campaign trail.

Inside Dope by David Grann - “The Note is a kind of Skull and Bones for the political class, written in a runic argot that is often incomprehensible to outsiders.”

The Wheels of Freedom by Fred Strebeigh - Why, in China, a bike is a political machine.

Who Was Milton Friedman? by Paul Krugman - A profile of the architect of neo-liberalism.

Alan Greenspan Takes a Bath by Wil S. Hylton - A look at the career and legacy of the legendary Fed chairman.

He Was a Crook by Hunter S. Thompson - A heartfelt eulogy for Richard Nixon, HST style.